Origorooms is the experience of feeling you are an integral part of the ecosystem to which we all belong. It is a tree with roots. A trunk with leafy branches and delicious fruit. Origorooms exists, grows, thrives and reproduces via natural spaces in a unique ecosystem based on the philosophy of ecology, sustainability and recycling.

It is a seed which was planted with the aim of growing a sustainable brand, which after much care and watering will eventually transform into a reference point for values such as environmental and social responsibility, ethics and collaboration as a form of development.

We grow using our own experience and the experience of other companies in the sector, those that like us want to boost eco-tourism, to consolidate their position in the market as an environmentally responsible product and to create awareness of the natural world to which we belong.

For this reason all our hotels are sustainable, they pay attention to all the small details, they work with nature and share our philosophy, which is also yours at the moment you choose us in order to experience that feeling of being part of the ecosystem to which you belong.

Eco hotels Origorooms
Eco hotels Origorooms

At Origorooms we talk about Body and Soul, which together form part of the same organism.

The Body is made up of the spaces, structures, materials and shapes. A Body which, using careful architecture and design that aim to respect all the European regulations, adapts human activity to fit the existing ecosystem. Pure materials, the essence of resilient nature: wood, stone, mud, cotton, wool, slate, ceramics… All original materials to create the character of a unique and authentic Soul.

A Soul which is an attitude, a way of behaving, an answer to being human which can be seen in the way things are done.

Choices of heating systems, what to eat, ways to enjoy oneself, pleasure… in the end, the Soul is what adds the energy, the feelings, the essence to the Body, to that tree.

The Soul of Origorooms is also you: the people who contribute with your presence to taking care of that tree, which we planted and which you help us to grow.

Welcome to Origorooms!


The eco-hotels selected by Origorooms have five key characteristics:

They practice sustainable tourism: looking for that balance between their Body (the building) and their Soul (the management), and focusing on sustainability.

They have low impact architecture: there is no Soul without a Body; and that Body must be sustainable, integrated with and respectful of its natural environment. We are not only referring to new buildings, we are also referring to restorations; in the end we are talking about buildings: eco-hotels, that manage and minimise their impact on nature.

They are environmentally responsible: there is no Body without a Soul; a Soul based on an idea and the management of that idea; the search for sustainability.

They are socially responsible: they are based on the principle of the sharing economy, such as the use of local resources to boost the local economy and generate progress and growth.

They are diverse: the world is made up of different races, genders, species… 

Eco hotels Origorooms
Eco hotels Origorooms

However, now we know what they are, we need to ask: how do these hotels work?

The answer is simple, part of an idea embodied in a business model based on environmental responsibility and which revolves around these two axes:

Architecture (Body): By architecture we understand both the design and construction (passive elements) and the efficient use of energy (active elements). 

We are talking as much about the relation of the building to its surroundings (orientation, choice of materials, construction processes, openings, useful life…) as the search for active sustainable solutions (clean energy, control of consumption, reuse of waste water).


Management (Soul): Every Body needs to be guided by a Soul. A sustainable Soul which can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Environmental: by this we mean all those actions focused on being environmentally responsible, reducing the impact on the surroundings or giving back what we have taken and used.
  • Social: we need to remember to search for balance, in creating social wealth we need to have an environmental responsibility which generates a positive outcome for our immediate surroundings.

Origorooms is Body and Soul, the Body made of eco-hotels and the Soul made up of us all.

Welcome to Origorooms!

Eco hotels Origorooms


Leaving aside for a moment emotional descriptions of our brand like those above, and trying to be rational… The explanation of why to choose Origorooms is as follows:

Origorooms was formed with the idea of being a sustainable company where economic profitability is not at odds with environmental and social responsibility.

We want to be a benchmark for a new model of eco-tourism with a brand which is associated with tourist accommodation which identifies with and shares our values:

Authenticity: Ethics and integrity.

Responsibility: social and environmental.

Knowledge: a good grasp of the environment and its needs.

Collaboration: development.

Only like this will we be capable of reaching our objectives, but in order to do it, we need to create a community. A community made up of eco-hotels and of people who seek and value eco-tourism and for whom taking care of the environment forms part of their lives.

Put simply, Origorooms will grow:

  1. By boosting sustainable tourism.
  2. By integrating environmentally responsible products.
  3. By having a network of partners who promote sustainable development
  4. By creating a community of responsible travellers.
  5. Via a policy of direct action: the first of these actions is to participate in WWF Spain’s ‘100 companies for the forests’ project to reforest half a hectare in the Doñana National Park.

Welcome to Origorooms!

Eco hotels Origorooms